We never limit what we will do or what we will build, as long as it's not an evil doing.


Protect crowds with contactless fever screening system

Help clinics and patients schedule appointment online

Help SMB trace contact

Software development

If the ready-made software is unable to deliver what you want, talk to us. We develop web-based and mobile software that meets your unique requirements. Even better, we have flexible pricing plans for the service.

Web design & maintenance

Most websites on the internet are designed-and-forget by web designers until the websites being defaced or taken down by hackers. At Phibonacci, we don't just design your website beautifully; We also take serious care of it with regular patching.

Data center maintenance

Although the public cloud is a one-size-fit-most solution, sometimes it is not the right choice for large organizations and organizations that need to comply with certain compliances. We also provide on-site maintenance and support services for various types of data center and enterprise networking devices and server applications.