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Contact tracing is a very important measure to control and combat the outbreak of COVID-19. As the pandemic lifestyle becomes a new normal, businesses in Malaysia are expected to follow the government SOP and document the contact details of every customer visited their premises in the form of a visitor book or equivalent.

CHECK-IN is a simple tool to help SMB collect contact details quickly and easily. Once the business owner generates and prints out the QR code of a location, customers can scan the QR code and fill in the contact details using their iOS/Android build-in QR code reader app or any 3rd party QR code reader app.

Since CHECK-IN doesn't require the customers to download any client applications, the contact details collecting process will be much faster; The customers also don't have to worry that the application will log their movement behind the scene.

How it works?
Business Owner

Click the button below to register or sign in to CHECK-IN.

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Once you're registered and signed in, print and share the QR code of your location.

Add more locations or print the attendance list if you need to.


Scan the QR code or go to URL printed at the location.

Fill in the contact details.

Show your phone to the shop representative if you need to.

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